St George’s Charitable Status

St George’s was founded in 1888 and has, to a greater extent, always had a charitable outlook.  The 21st Century has seen the School expanding considerably on the work done to benefit wider society.  That work can be categorised broadly into three areas:

    • Helping our community
    • Funding education
    • Raising funds for other charities and our bursary provision

Helping our community

    • The School’s facilities are used by 18 different community organisations at a reduced cost or free of charge. 
    • Young people from across the Lothian area rehearse with the National Youth Choir of Scotland two nights a week.  Local primary schools use our facilities for rehearsals and performances of their school productions. 
    • Sporting and cultural bodies use our facilities on a weekly basis, all in all we estimate that approximately 900 children benefit from the use of our facilities each year.

Teacher education

    • We have a long tradition of teacher education and we support trainee teachers in our classrooms every year and our staff give their time generously to mentor these new recruits to the profession. 
    • Our termly Practitioner Research Seminars offer free Continuing Professional Development to teachers across the region. 
    • The School encourages its teachers to participate in work for the Scottish Qualifications Authority – 24% of SQA markers, setters and verifiers come from the independent sector and St George’s makes a huge contribution to public benefit in this regard.

Raising funds for other charities

    • Our students are encouraged to support the community in charitable works and our staff are role models in this regard. 
    • All members of the Lower 5 (S3) take part in the Youth and Philanthropy Initiative, which requires them to spend time learning about the work of a small, local charity and competing to gain funding for their chosen organisation.  In the past eight years over £24,000 has been given to local charities through this work. 
    • All students are encouraged to fund-raise and support charitable work, especially for children in the Edinburgh area.  Last year the pupils raised almost £10,000 for local charities.

Bursary funding

    • Of crucial importance is the School’s commitment to extending bursary provision to those whose families would otherwise not be able to afford the School’s fees.
    • In 2019 87 pupils (more than 1 in 10 of the student population) received bursaries, many amounting to 100% of tuition fees. 
    • Funding the education of those children provides them with life changing opportunities and is something we are extremely proud of. 
    • If you would like to support our bursary programme you can do so by donating through our JustGiving page.