St George’s Charitable Status

St George's has been a charity since its foundation in the nineteenth century with the precise intention of educating young women so that they might enter Higher Education and the professions. 

Our charitable aim is to provide an excellent education for girls.  In addition, we have the wider purpose of contributing to Scottish education and to education generally.  We have always more than pulled our weight in our work for the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) and in providing postgraduate student placements for trainee teachers. 

The list of public benefits we provide is far wider than that, however, and you can read more about our work in and for the community elsewhere on our website.

Provision of bursary support

Crucially important for our charitable status is our ability to provide means-tested bursaries.  Some schools have a tradition of providing bursary support that goes back centuries and is fundamental to their constitution and in the last few years we too have seen a managed, measured and sustainable rise in our bursary provision. 

Our work with girls in an all-through educational context is a business of which we are very proud.  We are proud also of our charitable status.