St George's Archives

St George's School in History

St George's School for Girls does not live in the past, but is very proud of its history. Our founders were a group of Victorian women who wanted to give Scotswomen the education which they themselves had been denied. They were leading campaigners for the admission of women to Scottish universities and for a full curriculum for girls of school age.

When St George's High School for Girls opened in Melville Street, Edinburgh, in October 1888, it offered something new in Scottish education. All the academic subjects normally reserved for boys were now available for girls up to university entrance standard. Four years later, St George's girls were among the first women graduates in Scotland.

The Founders

The founders were inspired by the ideas of the German philosopher, Friedrich Froebel. They were determined to create a school where girls developed all their talents and worked to the best of their ability, but did not have to compete against one another or feel any sense of failure.

The School Archive is housed in a room near the library in the main school building. It documents the development of the school and its associated institutions, which included adult education classes and a training college for women teachers.


There are 6 school houses: Argyll (Blue), Buccleuch (Pink), Douglas (Yellow), Lindsay (Orange), Moray (Green) and Strathmore (Red).

The house system makes a significant contribution to the warm sense of community in the school by creating valuable opportunities for girls at all stages throughout the school to share experiences and work together.

St Margaret's School, Edinburgh Archives

St Margaret's School was founded in 1890 by James Buchanan, and flourished as a school offering education for girls until it closed on June 10th, 2010. Initially, the school's archives were stored commercially. At the dedication of the restored lecturn donated to St George's by St Margaret's FP club for use in their newly refurbished Junior School hall, Mrs Everest spoke warmly of the shared aims of both schools. In 2014 she most generously offered the use of a large cupboard in Upper School for the archives, which also includes photographs from St Hilary's School as the schools merged in 1983. The archives are catalogued and access is available during the school day. 

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