Sixth Form Subject Choices and Examinations

A bespoke portfolio of courses at S5 and S6 

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Do you have an ambitious and high achieving daughter who is thinking about her subject choices at S5 and S6?

We pride ourselves on our breadth and flexibility of courses so that our girls can take the widest choice of university courses or careers. 

At St George's your daughter will be able to design a bespoke portfolio of courses that suits her needs and aspirations.

We are able to offer this because in S3 and S4 (our Fifth Forms) and S5 and S6 (our Sixth Forms) are big enough for us to provide a wide range of courses and at different levels.

Sixth Form exam choices

Girls usually study five subjects in S5 (Lower Sixth) and three or four in S6 (Upper Sixth) choosing from a range of at least 25 subjects that can be taken at Scottish Higher and Advanced Higher. Some National 5s and  A-level courses are also available in selected subjects.

Scottish exam qualifications

The Scottish Highers and Advanced Highers provide versatility: while Higher remains the gold standard for entry to university courses in Scotland, English universities welcome Higher and Advanced Higher qualifications – as do universities throughout the world.  

 Watch our video to find out more about making subject choices 

Want her to study Medicine at St Andrews? - make it happen!

Want her to be an Engineer? Go ahead!

Budding Diplomat? Let us introduce her to our Model United Nations club

Interested in debating? She can give it a go! 

Want to know more? Click here for our  Higher and Advanced Higher list of courses and our handbook or contact