23 Apr 2015

Anne Everest - Head's Message 23-04

anne everest dark background w 183x253The last term of the school year at St George's is full of promise: we look forward to better weather and more opportunities for the girls to play outside; we anticipate life-changing events such as examinations and leaving ceremonies; we have to face saying good-bye to people who have been part of the school for many years; and we face an exciting future in a happy and busy school.

Every student is aware that she is coming to the end of the school year.  Even our pre-school girls will be looking forward to "graduating" from Nursery and starting in "big school".  Each of our girls will be getting ready in their hearts and minds for the next stage in life's journey and all that it represents at this school.  Primary 5 girls are relishing the thought of a more grown-up uniform and a different school site: a longer school day but more, fascinating subjects await them in Lower School where they will begin Primary 6.  Our Primary 6 girls are getting ready for the beginning of their secondary education, which will introduce many specialist teachers and a much more sophisticated timetable.  Remove girls will soon have the chance to lead Lower School, while our Lower 4 girls will say good-bye to Lower School and leave for Upper School as confident and competent young women.

In Upper School our older girls face public examinations that will give then the qualifications they need to move into the wider world of higher education, further education or work.  These last few weeks of revision and hard work may be difficult, but they could be so rewarding, and our students know that their teachers are supporting them, ready to give them extra help and to communicate the confidence and pride we have in all of them.

We have reason to be proud too of our school and our girls' journey through it, which, as educators, we are privileged to share.  They and we are all part of the St George's story, where every chapter can bring new challenges and every character has an important role.  Next session we shall welcome our new students with great pleasure as they too become part of that story.

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Anne C Everest                                                                                 
Head, St George's School for Girls

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