01 Apr 2015

Anne Everest - Head's Message 01-04

anne everest dark background w 183x253Parents and students will, I hope, be as delighted as we were with the Inspection Report on St George's that was published on 24 March 2015.  Looking back at previous inspection reports, I was struck by the style of the school's first, which was handwritten in 1891.  The inspector's final words in his report were, "I have formed a most favourable opinion of the school in respect of tone, aim and general intelligence". 

This inspector, John Kerr, was no sluggard himself when it came to education: he became a headmaster at the age of 15 and continued to fulfil that role when he joined Glasgow University as an undergraduate.  He became an inspector of schools after a long and illustrious teaching career and degrees from Glasgow, Edinburgh and Cambridge.  John Kerr was a champion of women's education at a time when St George's was pioneering the idea of women in Scotland entering Higher Education and the professions.  It is good to read that, from his 19th century perspective, he was impressed by the learning and teaching he had observed at St George's.  Clearly he had a sense of what our school was about all those years ago.

And, generally, we felt that the inspectors appointed to look at our 21st century practice had managed to understand and appreciate what we are about; we are particularly pleased that their only recommendation for the future was, effectively, to keep going in the way that we ourselves had planned.  (Naturally, we were also happy with the grades we received, particularly since no grades in the "Excellent" category have been allocated to Scottish schools for some time.)

This has been a busy term for girls and staff.  I wish everyone a very happy Easter holiday over the next two weeks, and we shall look forward to welcoming back our students on Tuesday 21 April (with boarders returning the evening before).

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Anne C Everest                                                                                 
Head, St George's School for Girls

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