04 Jun 2015

Anne Everest - Head's Message 04-06

anne everest dark background w 141x195Each year, as the summer approaches and we look forward to the following session, one of the most pleasant events we hold is an evening for prospective Primary One parents.  It is such an exciting time for families, as their daughters get ready to join "Big School" where all that careful nursery preparation of pre-school skills bears fruit and we see children's learning take off in a most fascinating way.

Little children are hungry for learning and so curious about the world in which they live.  The questions beginning "but why…?" will be familiar to all parents, and our Primary One teachers relish this exciting phase of learning and teaching.  At no other stage of school life do children learn so quickly, and the difference in maturity between our current Primary One girls and how they were last August is quite stunning.

This week we had a chance to see a world premiere of the Primary One film that the girls and their teachers had put together, with the helpful skills of our IT staff to support them.  We saw a huge range of activities and scenes that featured owls, snakes and all manner of other furry animals.  We saw outdoor learning, arts and crafts, music making, sports, writing and mathematics.  Most of all, we saw our children learning in the joyful atmosphere of our Junior School, where each day is an adventure.

That adventure is inherent in our curriculum, which builds in scope and depth from Nursery right through until sixth form.  The inspectors who visited us earlier this year regarded the coherence and progression of learning and teaching throughout the school as outstanding: we achieved the highest grade possible for the curriculum, for improvement through self-evaluation and for improvement in performance (attainment and achievement).

I suspect that our four and five year olds have not read that inspection report, but I hope it gives their parents reassurance that there is real educational benefit in bringing their daughters to an all-through school.

All our students, big and small, are getting ready to move on, with our Upper 6 girls almost ready to leave their school days behind them.  We pride ourselves on our expertise in making all transitions for the girls smooth and seamless, carefully building on previous learning in the process.  All transitions still represent a time of challenge and change, and all transitions can be exciting, but perhaps the most magical of them is the move from Nursery to Primary One.
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Anne C Everest                                                                                 
Head, St George's School for Girls

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