17 Nov 2015

Anne Everest - Head's Message 17-11

Anne Everest 250wThis week the girls of Upper School had a special treat: Primary 3X performed their assembly on Robert Louis Stevenson for them!  Fresh from their success in Junior School, where they performed their assembly on the anniversary of the writer’s birthday (13 November – though he famously “gave” his birthday away), the little girls of Primary 3 were delighted to have this opportunity to show off their learning to the “big girls”!

One of the great advantages of being part of an all-through school is the extra dimension given to life and learning by the range of different ages.  We now have a paired reading scheme and a mentoring system, which allow older students to pass on their expertise to younger girls; everyone’s learning is richer for the experience.  The older students particularly enjoy the visits of younger age groups and, since everyone has lunch in the same place, all our girls are used to seeing students (and teachers) of every age together.

Specialist teachers from the secondary department add to the learning of children from Nursery to Primary 6 in music, PE, art and modern languages.  Our Primary 7 girls (Remove) start their secondary education a year early, and our secondary teaching staff are always learning new classroom techniques from their Junior School colleagues, and vice versa.  In fact, we put huge emphasis on the importance of sharing professional conversations with colleagues from every part of the school.

We have deliberately and systematically planned a more “joined-up” strategy for our curriculum over the last few years: having a coherent and progressive curriculum is a key priority for the school and one that was recognised by Education Scotland as “excellent” in the inspection earlier this year.  The all-through vision to which we aspire helps to ensure that every transition is smoothly and seamlessly managed as well.

The result is better learning and happy girls of every age who are enthusiastic about all aspects of their learning and keen to share their enjoyment with others.  The rapturous applause that greeted the Primary 3 girls this morning was evidence of that!
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Anne C Everest                                                                                 
Head, St George's School for Girls

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