07 Jan 2016

Anne Everest - Head's Message 07-01

Anne Everest 250wThe New Year is almost into its second week now, and the spring term is under way, with our Upper Five girls in the midst of their mock examinations, while our Sixth Form students prepare for their own assessments, which begin soon.  Resolutions made to work and play hard this term should pay dividends!

For many of our older students, this term offers the opportunity to make curriculum choice decisions that will affect the rest of their education, their careers and lives.  The structured programme of subject choice support we offer at St George’s should help our students and their parents to make these important decisions with confidence.  One broad piece of advice is that students should pursue those subjects they enjoy and at which they do well: it is important that they develop the ability to motivate themselves independently, and an enjoyment of learning is fundamental in this regard.

As our older students and their parents contemplate subjects for the years ahead, many other prospective students and their parents are making important choices about which school to join.  Over the next two weekends we shall be welcoming families for the entry assessments and the chance to see the school.  I would also encourage parents to let their daughters spend a day with us so that they may see for themselves what St George’s has to offer.  Meeting prospective parents and their daughters is one of the most rewarding parts of my job: it is a privilege to represent this school and a joy to talk to visitors about it.

Whether contemplating entry to Primary 1 or Sixth Form (or any of the stages in between), parents can be sure that their daughters will have an exciting and fulfilling experience with us.  Our aim is to provide an inspiring education, encouraging our girls to become independent and influential women in the modern world.  Our founders had this idea in mind at the end of the nineteenth century when St George’s doors opened for the first time; I am sure they would be just as proud of their school now as they were then.  Happy New Year!

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Anne C Everest
Head. St George's School for Girls

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