19 Jan 2016

Anne Everest - Head's Message 19-01

Anne Everest 250wThe theme of assemblies this week is carpe diem (seize – or enjoy - the day).  I shall be encouraging the girls - and their teachers - to treasure each and every day of their lives, no matter how dull it may seem in the depth of winter and when the joys of Christmas and holidays are now so far away.  By valuing every day, our students are more likely to be busy, happy and fulfilled.

Of course some days seem far more special than others.  The Burns Supper for Upper Sixth girls last Friday was one such occasion, regarded by many as a highlight of the school year, with staff and students entertaining their company with song, recitations and speeches.  The contribution of our girls in celebration of our national poet was entirely in keeping with the concept of seizing the day: Burns’ career was brilliant but short and exemplifies the importance of valuing each moment.  Our guest of honour, Mr Rod Slater, offered an entertaining toast to the immortal memory, further emphasising the influence and legacy of Robert Burns.

Focus on the individual and getting it right for every girl was the theme of our conversations with prospective parents at our assessment morning in Lower school on Saturday morning.  This was a crucial day for the many promising girls who were seeking a place at our school.  We are very proud of belonging to St George’s and I hope we managed to communicate not only our loyalty to the school but also how happy and positive our students are.  The happiness of our girls is not something we take for granted: we have to work at ensuring that we are providing the right atmosphere for learning and living in an energised and supportive community.

Every day of our lives is precious.  Valuing each day as it comes and making every second count is a good philosophy for life.  Children grow up very quickly and it is our job as a school to work with parents to help each girl to find her way in the world:  carpe diem!

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Anne C Everest
Head. St George's School for Girls

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