04 Mar 2016

Anne Everest - Head's Message 04-03

Anne Everest 250wOur strings players demonstrated their wonderful skill and musicality at the strings concert this week.  Music is an important aspect of the curriculum at St George’s from Nursery upwards: singing and music playing are a feature of lessons and rehearsals throughout the week every week, conducted by our talented and dedicated music staff and instructors.

This means that by the time that girls choose examination subjects (in Upper Four – S2) after three years of broad general secondary education, they have all overtaken the expectations outlined for level four of the Curriculum for Excellence.  At this point, girls can opt to study for GCSE in music, leading to Higher and Advanced Higher qualifications – or they can focus on other subjects while maintaining a musical life through individual music tuition and ensemble playing and singing.

At every stage of St George’s there are choirs, orchestras, bands, music groups and clubs.  For every age there are opportunities and activities in which the musically talented – or those who just like taking part - can engage.  Later this month we shall enjoy a wind ensemble concert here in school, and then a joint choral concert with Merchiston Castle School at St Mary’s Cathedral. 

Every extra-curricular activity we offer is valuable.  Sport, art, drama and music all add to the richness of life at St George’s within and beyond the curriculum.  We are proud of what the school can offer girls of every age.  I hope parents of our youngest students remember this when they hear those first squeaks on the recorder or violin!

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Anne C Everest
Head. St George's School for Girls

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