23 Mar 2016

Anne Everest - Head's Message 23-03

Anne Everest 250wThis spring term is usually the busiest of the year, partly because of the diet of mock examinations that our oldest three year groups undergo, but also because of the number of sports fixtures and musical events which are concentrated in relatively few weeks.

Over the last couple of weeks, for instance, among other fixtures, we have hosted the second XI tournament and won another hockey tournament for S3; our netball teams have played in semi-finals and a final; the ski teams have had great success on the slopes; our cross-country runners have excelled; and our lacrosse team enjoyed a successful tour.  Individual athletes continue to demonstrate their outstanding talents: one of our Upper 5 girls has just been selected to play lacrosse for Scotland in their U19 squad; our elite swimmers will be involved in further contests over the Easter break.

In music we have also been delighted by individual performances, often at our assemblies, as well as by great ensemble playing and singing.  Performers’ platforms have allowed even our youngest children to shine (and who could forget Primary 3’s musical, “Eddie the Penguin”?) and we have been entertained by three big concerts over this last half term, the last being the wonderful choral concert at St Mary’s Cathedral, where our girls joined forces with the boys from Merchiston, after singing three diverse pieces on their own.  It was a most impressive performance in a stunning location.

The girls have enjoyed trips to places near and far, with Russia figuring in February’s itinerary.  Our debaters have debated, our delegates have prepared papers and delivered speeches in the Model United Nations, and our editors have produced the best edition of the student magazine “IW” I have seen yet.

This week St George’s Young Enterprise companies made presentations at the Young Enterprise Awards Evening.  With more companies than any other school listed, our girls presented with confidence and skill, bringing humour into the stories of how their product and their businesses had fared over the last six months.  The school is proud to host the training sessions for all the Lothian Achievers, but it was particularly pleasing to hear our girls being honoured in various categories, including Best Human Resources Director, Best Marketing Director, Best Finance Director, Best Production Director, Best Company Director and Best Managing Director.  One of our companies, “Scrunch” came third overall for Best Presentation and Best Company.

I congratulate all our students on their participation in the wider life of the school.  That it is so extensive and busy is entirely due to the dedicated and professional staff who support and coach the girls throughout the year.   I wish them and all our community a very restful and happy holiday.

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Anne C Everest
Head. St George's School for Girls

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