05 May 2016

Anne Everest - Head's Message 05-05

Anne Everest 250wIt was a great privilege to welcome Judy Murray to St George’s for a day packed with enthusiasm for sport – and for tennis, in particular.  Judy was kind enough to join me for assembly on Tuesday morning, when she answered many questions about herself, her family, and the importance of sport.  She spoke of her own experience as a sportswoman and coach, and she was clear about the need for children and young people to try a variety of sports before even thinking about specialisation.

She also entertained us with details about the arrangements for costumes, hair styles and make-up for Strictly Come Dancing and, even though she was without sequins on this occasion, she was warm and entertaining – and very welcoming of the range of topics on which she was asked to comment.  Who would have thought that the sport she enjoyed watching most was darts?

What was very clear from the day she spent with us was that she is committed to enthusing young people with a love of sport.  Many of the skills Judy was encouraging were generic: they would have an application in any sport.  Developing those skills – and the enthusiasm to use them – and providing opportunities for girls in a wide range of sports are essential in all schools, and we were delighted that so many children and staff from a number of different schools were able to join us at St George’s for this special day. 

I know our PE teachers enjoyed being part of the Judy Murray Day, and their professional dialogue has been buzzing as a result.  Mostly, though, I think they are delighted that their own practice was complemented by the various activities the girls and staff enjoyed on Tuesday, and they are still firmly of the opinion that physical skills development and sport are for all.

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Anne C Everest
Head. St George's School for Girls

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