06 Oct 2016

Anne Everest - Head's Message - 06-10

Anne Everest 250wThe UCAS season is upon us.  Each autumn our Upper 6 girls, or the vast majority of them, complete their university applications as the first step along the way to their journey beyond school.  The process started last June after their Higher examinations when the girls were encouraged to log on to the applications website:

The website itself is a mine of information, but the girls and their parents have had access to information evenings, careers interviews and subject choice advice to support them in steering their passage through the universities’ applications system.  The whole process is now conducted on-line and, although the various stages of re-drafting the Personal Statement can become irksome, it is our experience that every single girl presses the “submit” button with a broad smile, having just read the school’s reference.

We tell the truth in our references, but our teachers know the girls so well that we have positive words to say about everyone and about their suitability for their chosen course.  This applications process is a clear example of staff and students working together to our mutual benefit: we all get to experience the excitement of receiving university replies over the next few months, even if that experience is vicarious for many of us.

Last session every single girl achieved a place on an appropriate course – and their destinations were many and varied, as you can see elsewhere on our website.  In 2016 over 90% of our leavers went to their first choice of university.  We are proud of them all.

Seeing each of our sixth form leavers cross the stage and start on her own preferred career path is part of what makes our work at St George’s so rewarding.

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Anne C Everest
Head. St George's School for Girls

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