07 Nov 2016

Anne Everest - Head's Message - 07-11

Anne Everest 250wEvery school should be subject to good governance, and our governing Council works hard to support, check and appropriately challenge the work of St George's.  In addition, we are subject to many external inspections, which help ensure that we are compliant with the law and that we are providing the best possible service for our students, staff and parents.  We welcomed the inspectors from Education Scotland last year for a whole school inspection, and we're delighted with the report and grades they gave us on that occasion.

We also know that we are subject to unannounced inspections from the Care Inspectorate, so that they too may be satisfied with our provision for Nursery children and our boarders.  Again, it is quite right that there should be these external mechanisms to reassure parents and prospective parents about the level of care their children will receive here.

It can still feel a little disconcerting to find the Care Inspectorate on your door step, especially if, like our newly appointed Head of Nursery, you have been in post for only a few weeks. The inspectors arrived not long before the half term holiday and Mrs Nettleton had no cause for concern: we are delighted with their newly published report (see the Care Inspectorate website), and are pleased to read that the inspectors, both experts in the field, agreed with our direction of travel and our professional practice, describing the areas inspected (Care and Support; Management and Leadership) as very good. They praised our staff and recognised our Nursery as a place of learning where little children are very well cared for.  

It was no surprise to me.  We have an excellent, well qualified professional team of Early Years Practitioners, and the team is very ably led by Mrs Lisa Nettleton.  The children have a wealth of learning experiences available to them, and the inspectors were impressed by our outside areas which offer so many opportunities for play, learning and adventure.  Our Nursery is part of this all-through school, and here the seeds of every strand of the curriculum are sown; our curriculum is designed to progress seamlessly and coherently from Nursery right through to Upper 6, and this aspect of the school (along with its ability to self-evaluate and judge its own priorities) was deemed excellent, or sector-leading, in the Education Scotland inspection report (March 2015).
I am very proud of our Nursery team, who give such excellent, professional and energetic care and support to our very youngest children; and I congratulate Mrs Nettleton and Mrs Hay on this most recent inspection report.

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Anne C Everest
Head. St George's School for Girls

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