15 Dec 2016

Anne Everest - Head's Message - 15-12

Anne Everest Head of St Georges School2We are coming to the end of my last term at St George’s and I take this opportunity to wish all of our community a very happy Christmas holiday, while thanking staff, students, parents and members of Council for helping to make this school such a happy place in which to work.

Back in 2010 my first impression of this school was of a dynamic community with students and teachers working together in an exciting and lively approach to learning.  As I said then, many schools achieve this sort of dynamism, but few schools, I think, have staff who are quite as committed to their work and as generous in their contribution to the wider life of the school; and rare is the school that has so many opportunities for teachers to engage in professional dialogue with one another, while being part of the learning environment.  In every faculty, in every classroom, in every part of the school the teachers, administrative staff and facilities staff are working their hardest to give our students the very best experience they can. 

Our girls respond magnificently.  They are generous in spirit and live up to the school’s motto of “Trouthe and Honour, Fredom and Curteisye”.  We enjoy hearing about their adventures and their achievements in every area of wider school life, and beyond, and we recognise how seriously they take their studies.  I am deeply proud of this school and all who work in it. 

I hope the whole school community will enjoy another happy and fulfilling year in 2017.  I wish my successor, Mrs Alex Hems, a happy, successful and fulfilling headship.

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Anne C Everest
Head. St George's School for Girls

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