08 Sep 2017

Alex Hems: Head's Blog Sept 8, 2017

A Growth Mindset for Girls  

Introduction to Mrs Hems' video talk: 

'At St George’s we believe that children and young people flourish when they are busy and feel that they have a part to play in their school community.  We want all our girls to do as well as they can academically, of course, but we believe that success on paper must go hand in hand with confidence, happiness and a life-long love of learning to be really worthwhile...'

Please click on the 'Play Icon' below to listen to the talk for parents. (3 mins)

A Growth Mindset for Girls: Mrs Alex Hems, Head’s Blog from St George's School for Girls on Vimeo.

The video is an excerpt of the whole talk. Please click on the audio file play button below to hear the whole of Mrs Hems' talk. (6.5 minutes)

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