03 Apr 2020

Alex Hems: Head's Blog April 3 2020

Alex HemsA Message for the School Community

As we come to a very unusual end to this term I wanted to say a few words to everyone in the St George’s community.

First, for all the students of St George’s. Your response to this situation has been deeply impressive and moving. I know that for many of you who would have been taking exams this summer, this has been a frustrating and very anxious time. You are doing so well and we are very proud of you – hang on in there. I have so much enjoyed dipping in and out of all the Teams chats, and seeing the fantastic work that girls are doing across the school, and the way that you are keeping each other cheerful and motivated. I know that you are all missing seeing one another and the fun that you have together, and that some of you are frightened and confused by this extraordinary event that to which we are all adjusting. It is strange and new, but we have to hold on to the things that matter – kindness, patience, smiling, making the most of small pleasures, and looking forward to a time when we will all be back together at school.  

I would like to thank the teachers and wider staff who have been magnificent in rising to this challenge with imagination, creativity and good will, which has been truly inspiring to witness. These last few weeks have represented a steep learning curve for us all, but I am grateful to every one of you for the commitment that you have shown to making our transition to a new mode of working so successful.

And last, but certainly not least, for our parents. Thank you so much for the messages of support for all that we are doing. It really does make a difference, and I am grateful for the commitment to the school that you have shown. Thank you too for your encouragement and support for your daughters – they are a credit to you and we cannot wait to see and hear them around us in school again soon.

I hope that you all have some rest over the holiday, as much as you can, and that you stay healthy in mind and body. St George’s is still here for you all.

With my warmest wishes to you all,

Mrs Alex Hems MA Oxon
Head, St George's School for Girls, Edinburgh


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