24 Apr 2020

A letter from the Head, 24 April 2020

A.SMY AlexHems096 Crop 250wDear Parents and Guardians

We have very much enjoyed seeing and hearing your daughters again, in our virtual classrooms and our Teams this week. My colleagues and I have been so impressed by the good spirits that they have demonstrated and their enthusiasm for learning. Special mention must go to those girls who are now working in different time zones across the world, but have continued to show the same dedication to their work nonetheless. I hope that the girls have found the slight adjustment to the shape of the day helpful in creating more frequent breaks for them, in which to stretch and get away from their screens. The staff too have returned in good heart and I know are enjoying exploring the potential of Microsoft Office for delivering excellent education. The week has not been without its technical hitches, but I hope that we have been able to resolve any issues that have arisen. There is inevitably a degree of trial and error for all of us, so please do let us know if your daughter has encountered any difficulties with accessing her work. It is just as important for us to know how your daughters are coping emotionally, so we will be continuing to send out weekly questionnaires for them, and checking in with them individually as well. Having some variety and diversion in their day is also extremely important, and we have been able to put together a programme of co-curricular activities which I hope will offer them welcome distraction from their screens, worthwhile challenges and a chance for some relaxation and creativity. I am grateful to my colleagues for their ingenuity in creating this lively programme for a very unusual term.

Work with the examination classes continues, as we gather evidence to support our predicted and estimated grades over the next few weeks, and you now have information about the timetable to which we will be working. We are not able to disclose estimated grades to parents or students, but have clear guidance on the procedure to apply which has been helpful. Again, I have been deeply impressed by the commitment and resilience that these girls have shown.

I shall be able to write to you soon with information about some key events in the calendar, which will go ahead in remote form via Teams. In the meantime I hope that you all remain in good health and good spirits.

With my warmest wishes to you all,

Mrs Alex Hems MA Oxon
Head, St George's School for Girls, Edinburgh

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