28 Sep 2021

Alex Hems: Live Welcome Virtual Open Day Events

Alex Hems web bio3"Good evening and a very warm welcome to our online open event for Lower School and Upper School at St George’s. 

I am Alex Hems, the Head of St George’s. This evening you will hear from me and from my colleagues Jill Bryce, Senior Deputy, Mel Benson, Head of Lower School, Sonia Edwards, our Deputy Head Academic and  Peter Verrecchia, our Pastoral Deputy Head. You will also hear from some of our current parents and pupils who will offer you their perspective on our school. In the second half of the event my colleagues and I will answer your questions in a live panel format, so please do send questions through to us, using the Q&A function on your screens throughout the evening.  


I hope that this event will give you a clear sense of why we think that St George’s offers such a special experience for girls. If you would like to follow up with a visit in person, we are running visits and talks at school next week, on Wednesday 29th September and Friday 1st October. Please do contact our Admissions Department if you would like to sign up for one of these events, or to visit us at some other time that works for you. 


For the sake of clarity, I should just confirm that Lower School at St George’s comprises Primary 6 to S1, and Upper School is S2 through to S6.  

There are so many aspects of life here that stand out as special, but it seems to me that what links them all is the underlying commitment to instilling in every girl here the confidence and capability to say a resounding ‘yes’ to life’s challenges and opportunities. We could sum this up as having a ‘yes mindset.’ Time and time again parents tell me of the way they have seen their daughters grow in confidence over the course of their time hereFormer pupils speak of the belief in themselves that the school gave them, a belief that has led them all over the world and into careers as diverse as international aid and development, medicine and computer game design. Current students tell me that St George’s has been both a second family to them, and a place where they have felt able to be themselves. I hope that this evening we will be able to share with you a little of how this happens and that you will join us in person to find out more by coming along next week for a tour, or for a longer visit at a time that suits you. 


You are now going to hear some pre-recorded interviews with me, my colleagues, some students and current parents. If you have any questions for us as the evening goes on, please do not hesitate to send them through using the Q&A function on your screens. I look forward to seeing you shortly for the live Q&A panel session."  

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