01 Oct 2021

A Message from the Head, 1 October

Alex Hems, Head of St George's School for GirlsDear Parents and Guardians

As I write the Upper 5 Parents’ Evening is taking place through School Cloud, the new online platform which we have adopted, along with many other schools across the country. I know that the move to online Parents’ Evenings in general has been well received, and we hope that this evening has gone well from your point of view. As this is a new venture for us, we would be interested to hear your feedback after the experience. While we feel that this model works well for many year groups, we have been keen to offer in-person meetings up to Primary 6 where possible and I know that our Primary 6 teachers have very much enjoyed being able to show parents their daughters’ work and let them see the classrooms this week, all in a carefully managed, covid-safe way.

While the move to remote operating for many of our Parents’ Evenings has definitely been one positive development for us to take from the Covid period, we are very much looking forward to seeing a return to parents supporting their daughters at outdoor sports fixtures from tomorrow, Saturday 2nd October. Please see my message sent on Wednesday for the detail of the guidelines that are in place to ensure that we minimize risk of infection for all concerned. I am delighted too to see the calendar of fixtures growing; this week has seen our students compete in skiing, netball, swimming and hockey. If you are attending an away game, please can I ask that you respect any guidelines that are specific to the particular school or venue.

This is the point in the year when, across the school we turn our minds to collecting food and other essentials for families less fortunate than ourselves across Edinburgh. Depending on the section of the school that your daughter is in, you will have received information about the goods that we are hoping to contribute. Please can I encourage you to assist your daughter in taking part in these collections which form such an important part of developing students’ awareness of the needs on their doorstep.

We have had lovely feedback about the excellent ambassadorial work of our students who have been acting as tour-guides this week, for the Open Morning and Open Afternoon, with a limited number of prospective families visiting us with their daughters. We have taken as our theme the Yes Mindset, which forms such a key strand in all that we do at St George’s. In this same vein, it has been so encouraging to hear that Lower School students are applying enthusiastically for the many leadership roles available to them, and to read about the ideas that they would like to take forward in Lower School life. Whenever I meet with or hear from former students, it is clear that this positive approach to seizing opportunities and embracing challenge has played a significant part in their lives both while at St George’s and since leaving. We actively encourage their continued participation in the life of our current students, as their career journeys and life stories can play such an important role in inspiring the present generation. The Foundation Office and Network St G’s offer invaluable platforms, both for former students to interact with one another, providing informal support and mentoring, and are also important resources for our current student body as they look ahead to careers and work experience. All of this work is supported by the Old Girls’ Association, membership of which is available to all our students, and I would strongly encourage you to take up this opportunity for your daughter to be part of a network for life. Please contact if you would like further information about the work of our Foundation Office or the Old Girls’ Association.

I look forward to seeing some of you tomorrow morning if you are joining us to watch some hockey.

With best wishes to you all,

Mrs Alex Hems MA Oxon
Head, St George's School, Edinburgh


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