17 Jun 2022

Alex Hems: Head's Letter 17 June 2022

Dear Parents and Guardians

Alex webLower 5 meetings

In the summer term one of my greatest pleasures is the individual meetings that I have with Lower 5 students. I start by asking them about the highlights of the past year; time and again I hear: ‘D of E,’ ‘Saturday morning hockey,’ ‘CCF,’ ‘the Arran trip,’ ‘doing YPI’ (the Youth Philanthropy Initiative). They also talk about the challenges of work, but very often in the context of having enjoyed finding ways to overcome those challenges.  These meetings are definitely a highlight for me.

Primary 5

This is also a time in the year when we are focusing on transition events across the school. It was such a pleasure to watch the Primary 5 Farewell on Wednesday night and sense the girls’ excitement as they look ahead to Lower School, and be reminded of the very special memories that they have all formed in Junior School.

Sixth Form

We look forward to celebrating another rite of passage this weekend, at the Upper 6 Ball, which had to be postponed from December. The Upper 6 are currently enjoying their Leavers’ Fortnight, while the Lower 6 are preparing to take on the leadership roles which they will assume next session. We expect every member of the Upper 6 to take on some position of responsibility. Reading the draft Speech Day programme as I have been this week is a reminder of the journey that each one has been on through school, and the accumulation of experiences, challenges and shared enjoyment that culminates at St Mary’s on Speech Day.

OGA Summer Lunch

We know, however, that what seems like an end is really a new beginning for each of our leavers, and we will be reminded of this on Saturday at the Old Girls’ Association Summer Lunch, when former pupils from 1964 to 2020 will be joining us and sharing their stories of life after St George’s as well as reminiscing with much humour and affection about their school days.


I would like to draw your attention to a consultation that the Scottish Government are undertaking into school uniform, with a view to drawing up statutory guidance which could apply to independent schools, although there is no intention that individual items will be mandated or that school uniforms will be abolished! Please do the opportunity to take part in the consultation.

Parent Parking

Unfortunately we have recently had quite a few communications from our neighbours on Crarae Avenue, concerning parents parking and leaving their cars in the turning area at the end of their road. Please could I ask you not to do this, as blocking this turning space, even for a short time, can cause considerable inconvenience to local residents.

I wish you all a happy weekend.

Mrs Alex Hems MA Oxon
Head, St George's School, Edinburgh

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