Our School Bus Routes

School Transport to School

Face coverings should be worn by children aged 5 years and older on our school transport, as set out by the latest guidance from the Scottish Government. 

St George’s runs the following school transport routes:
  • Edinburgh Haymarket - morning and afternoon service - free of charge
  • Edinburgh Colinton route (Merchiston Castle School) - morning and afternoon service
  • Portobello and Trinity - morning and afternoon service
  • East Lothian express route - morning and afternoon service 
  • Fife and Inverkeithing route - morning service
  • Edinburgh southside route - morning service
  • West Lothian route - morning and afternoon service


map 2021



Download the full bus transport PDF or click on the full screen icon above for timetables and costs.

All school bus services to and from St George's drop off in the morning and pick up in the afternoon from Ravelston Park (outside the Ravelston Park entrance to the school). The exception to this is the bus to and from Haymarket train station which uses the main school entrance.

In consultation with individual parents, we will on occasion accept Primary 1 aged children on our buses to and from school. We would remind parents that our buses are unsupervised and, especially on return journeys, it is very important that an appointed adult is there in advance of the ETA to safely collect the child.

Costs are given for single trips.

Times are subject to change depending on demand, please keep an eye on our website for the most up to date information.

Places on all routes, with the exception of the Haymarket route, must be booked in advance and usually for the whole school term.

If you are interested in using this service please email in the first instance: buses@stge.org.uk.

This is a private bus service for the use of St George's Edinburgh only and members of the public cannot, and do not, use the service.