Our School Bus Routes

School Transport to School

St George’s runs the following daily transport to the school in the mornings. The Haymarket service runs AM and PM.

We are currently investigating running PM journeys for our bus services and the addition of a North Berwick service. (June 2017).


Haymarket (school mini-bus, free service)

AM pick up to St George’s is from Devon Place on Haymarket Terrace between 8.00am - 8.40am. 2 or 3 trips are made each morning depending on time. The last pick-up is at 8.35am.

PM return trip leaves from the Upper School (just before the zebra crossing) at 4.00pm, and from autumn term 2017, 5.45 pm.

Southside Route (Charlie Irons coaches, small fee)

7.20am – Northfield Parish Church - £ 2. 00
7.25am – Marmian Crecent - £1.75
7.30am - Bus stop before junction with Gilmerton Road - £1.75
7.40am - Grange Loan (Junction Lauder Rd & South Lauder Rd) - £1.75
7.45am - Cluny Gardens near Cluny Church - £1.75
7.50am - Luca’s at Holy Corner - £1.75
8.00am - Tollcross - £1.75
8.25am - St George’s School for Girls

Portobello Route (Charlie Irons coaches, small fee)

7.30am - Portobello Town Hall - £2.55
7.40am - Ferry Road Bus stop - £2.00
7.50am - Stop before Trinity Primary School - £1.75
7.55am - Craighall Road (Opposite No 70) - £1.75
8.00am - Lennox Row Tennis Courts - £1.75
8.10am - Arboretum Place - £1.20
8.15am - Comely Bank Avenue (Corner of Dean Park crescent) - £1.20
8.25am - St George’s School for Girls

Colinton (Charlie Irons coach, £2 per day)

The coach picks up from Westgarth Avenue (just beyond Merchiston Castle School) leaving no later than 8.00am. This bus comes directly to St George’s and the charge per day is £2.00.


Inverkeithing Route (Charlie Irons coaches) 

7.20am - Inverkeithing - £3.00
7.45am - Barton shops - £2.00
7.50am - Gamekeepers Road - £2.00
7.55am - Davidson Mains (Carpark at Tesco) - £2.00
8.00am - Craigcrook Road (Before Loch Road) - £1.20
8.10am - St George’s School for Girls

Places on all routes, with the exception of the Haymarket route, must be booked in advance and usually for the whole school term.

For more information about any of these services please contact Miss Margaret Imlah at St George’s School T: 0131 311 8003 mi@stge.org.uk or Steph Shepherd at ss@stge.org.uk