02 Nov 2018

Sixth Form Conference for U5

In October the Upper 5 had a conference to discuss the expectations and choices of Sixth Form. This included talks from teachers about subjects and module opportunities, as well as more creative elements, such as a fashion show. There was a lot of information to take in but I found it really informative and useful. I am particularly keen to take a ‘crash course’ in physics next year and feel the conference helped to clarify my choices and make me more confident with my decisions.

We also made a wish list for the coming year; our group included buying a coffee machine for the Lower 6 common room as well as beanbags and a slushie machine.

The fashion show was really fun. We had to be very creative as we only had bin bags and newspaper to work with, but some people had wonderful designs. My favourite was a cape made from newspaper.

Overall, I really enjoyed the conference; it was good fun and a chance to talk to teachers about the year ahead.

Megan (U5)

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