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Junior School
31 Jan 2019

The Primary 5 girls have been celebrating Robert Burns day, by learning about his life and legacy, and shared this with their parents and the rest of the Junior School during a special assembly on Friday afternoon.They performed two of his most famou...

Mouse 584w
31 Jan 2019

Last week we went to Pizza Express where we made our own pizzas. We learned what ingredients you need and we watched Claire, one of the Pizza Express staff, demonstrate the different steps we had to follow. We flattened the dough with our hands, spre...

IMG 8436
31 Jan 2019

The Primary 1 girls have been enjoying learning through active Maths. Wooden rounds made excellent counters for our number stories to 7 and we all loved seating teddy bears or adding ‘cherries’ to the cakes to see how many ways we could make 7.Number...

IMG 8295e
17 Jan 2019

In Primary 5 Sketch Club this week we decided to sketch birds to tie in with Bird Week, and Monday's assembly on the Golden Eagle.The girls paid careful attention to scale and shadowing and worked within a short time frame to produce colourful replic...

Golden Eagle 584w
12 Dec 2018

On Wednesday 28 November, all of the P5 classes went on a trip to the National Museum of Scotland. We went there to look at the Scottish Wildlife exhibitions because in class we are making nature documentaries about Scottish endangered animals. Our c...

P5 Museum trip 584w
Alex Hems' Blog
01 Feb 2019
Alex Hems: Head's Blog Feb 1 2019

How can we encourage creativity and risk-taking?  We know that the capacity to think creatively is one of the qualities most valued by employers, and we all know, in our own working lives, how central it is to our ability to solve the day to day prob...

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