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16 Jan 2020

As a continuation of our ‘friendships’ topic, we decided to support the Big Owls to understand more about their feelings and how to identify emotions in others. Through games and art, the girls learn emotion words to develop their ability to express ...

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21 Nov 2019

An invitation to our Nursery Open AfternoonFriday 6 December 2019, 1.15 pm to 2.30 pmAn opportunity for families interested in joining our nursery to tour the nursery, meet staff and hear about our nursery education.  Our current parent review score ...

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21 Nov 2019

The second term has started with the Big Owls showing a great interest in bonfires, inspired by the Bonfire night. As the days are now colder the girls have been enjoying a cosy snack around the campfire in the forest, talking about the flames, the s...

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03 Oct 2019

As part of our ‘Feel Healthy, Be Healthy’ topic, the Big Owls talked about how important it is to eat healthy food. Eating fruit and vegetables every day helps us grow and develop! Different coloured fruit and vegetables have different health benefit...

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19 Sep 2019

In Big Owls, we are learning how to use the magic of kindness with our friends!  During the last weeks we have been talking about how to be good friends and how to show our loved ones that we care for them. The words ‘love’ and ‘help’ came up many ti...

Alex Hems' Blog
17 Jan 2020
Alex Hems: Head's Blog January 17 2020

The Rights and Wrongs of Mobile Phones at SchoolThere has been a great deal of discussion recently around the approaches that different schools take to the use of mobile phones. Some have expressed the view that banning phones has resulted in an impr...

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