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02 Nov 2018

This year the Nursery Autumn Concert was based on the sweet tale of Sammy, 'The Seagull Who Came to Stay’ by author Patricia Stewart. It tells the tale of Bertie Bunny and his family and their search for a bigger burrow on the edge of Farmer Smith’s ...

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02 Oct 2018

In Pre-school, we have been looking at the change in the length of day and talking about space, stars and planets. The girls thought that some of the planets look like biscuits, which led us on to talking about all the strange food that one can eat i...

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21 Sep 2018

The Nursery at St George’s School for Girls, Edinburgh, has been awarded the grade of ‘very good’ across all areas of assessment in a report produced by the Care Inspectorate following a recent inspection.The unannounced inspection focused on two key...

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20 Sep 2018

Our first dance and movement class was a big success. The Big Owls loved skipping, hopping and spinning to the rhythm of the music. Miss Arwen’s soft music inspired the girls’ dance and allowed them to focus on their body movements. During the dance ...

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20 Sep 2018

Some of our Tuesday Ducklings enjoyed attending 'Sing, Shine, Laugh and Sign' with Miss Emma. The children took part in lots of colour-themed songs and games, learning the sign language for the colour words as they played. We even learned the sign fo...

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Alex Hems' Blog
18 Jan 2019
Alex Hems: Head's Blog Jan 18, 2010

I am often asked whether the unique blend of Scottish and English examination courses that we run at St George’s is fully recognised by universities, and also whether we see signs of prejudice against independent schools through the admissions system...

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