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05 Feb 2019

On 1st February, many of the girls in the House experienced a luxurious evening of face masks and nail painting, all topped off with pink lemonade! This was well deserved as many of us had just sat our mocks and needed time to relax.  We had a fun ev...

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31 Jan 2019

This weekend was my first time staying at Houldsworth House. It was just like having a big, fun and exciting sleepover. When we arrived we were shown our rooms. We each had a space to put our things and our own wardrobes. We had some biscuits for our...

Houldsworth 584w 2017
31 Jan 2019

Waitressing at the Burns Supper was very interesting as I had never been to an event like that before and it was great to see how everything worked. All the guests were clearly very passionate about the event and there was an air of excitement about ...

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31 Jan 2019

On Friday evening, 25 January, a few of the other boarders and I headed to the kitchen to be greeted with a large selection of fruit, vegetables and juices to make our own custom detox smoothies. It was the best way to help with the stress of exams!M...

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30 Jan 2019

I arrived at Houldsworth last week in the build-up to my mock exams. I was ready to settle in and start revising. My room was really big and I was sharing with two other girls who made me feel at home right away. The food was really nice - I enjoyed ...

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Alex Hems' Blog
01 Feb 2019
Alex Hems: Head's Blog Feb 1 2019

How can we encourage creativity and risk-taking?  We know that the capacity to think creatively is one of the qualities most valued by employers, and we all know, in our own working lives, how central it is to our ability to solve the day to day prob...

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