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09 Oct 2018

One day last term when we were in 5 o’clock Club we were given some paper and a red pencil and asked to enter the flag competition. Georgia and I put our ideas on to separate pieces of paper and then we put them together. We were fortunate enough to ...

130 Flag Design 584w
04 Oct 2018

My stay at Houldsworth was very nice. No, actually, it was fun and amazing! There are lots of rooms, bedrooms for sleepovers and my favourite is the Big Com. The food is very good, especially the spaghetti! I made friends with the boarders who really...

Houldsworth 584w 2016
03 Oct 2018

We made pretzels on Friday. I’ve never made them before and really enjoyed the experience. I love baking in my spare time; my favourite things to bake are crème caramel or quiche. The pretzels smelled delicious and tasted so good with butter and salt...

Pretzels 584w
03 Oct 2018

It was a great movie, I really enjoyed the music and discovering more about Donna and her past. There were songs from the first film but loads of new ones too. I loved the song ‘Waterloo’, and it was so energetic and funny. The movie was very emotion...

Mamma Mia 2 584w
03 Oct 2018

On Friday the Eco Committee held a bake-off competition to raise money to adopt a seal. The money will help to protect their natural habitat and support the Wildlife Trust. It was a really creative and fun competition. My team made chocolate chip coo...

Seal 584w
Alex Hems' Blog
18 Jan 2019
Alex Hems: Head's Blog Jan 18, 2010

I am often asked whether the unique blend of Scottish and English examination courses that we run at St George’s is fully recognised by universities, and also whether we see signs of prejudice against independent schools through the admissions system...

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