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10 Oct 2017
Nuffield Foundation science work placement for student at St George’s School

Esme Poster 2During the summer of 2017, Esmé (U6) took part in a four-week Nuffield research placement at Edinburgh Napier University’s School of Health and Social Care. The Nuffield Foundation provide a framework for students to undertake new research under the guidance of a mentor at university or in industry.

The placement was part of an initiative to provide first year post-16 students the opportunity to work alongside professional scientists, technologists, engineers and mathematicians.

Esmé worked with researchers investigating whether the fact that 70% of nurses in Scotland are overweight or obese affects their competence to talk to patients effectively about healthy living. Esme analysed media and public responses to research about obesity among nurses in Scotland, using news articles about published research and related online social media content. Her findings will help the Nurses’ Lives Research Programme to develop ways to communicate often controversial research findings to the media and public to maximise the reach and impact of research.

Esmé said:

‘It has greatly helped me decide which course I want to study at university, and possibly future career prospects as well! The Nuffield Placement has allowed me to really expand my personal statement and gain valuable contacts. Additionally, having a reference from an established education facility will also really set my UCAS profile apart and will act as a good point of discussion with potential future employers. Everyone I worked with throughout my placement was very friendly and of great help, I couldn't have asked for a better experience!’

Students who are interested in applying for a future Nuffield Placement can find out more information from

If there are parents who have contacts in research (university or industry) who would be willing to mentor one of our girls for 3-4 weeks this summer, please contact Joelle Nicholson in the Chemistry Department.

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