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22 Nov 2017
Little Owls - News
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Little Owls have settled back into a new term; they continue to explore, look, listen and engage in spontaneous and planned purposeful play. Independent snack is now in place and the children are enjoying preparing their own snacks, choice of foods and creating shopping lists.

Expressive Arts

At Art Club with Mrs Cate, the children enjoyed using Indian ink to make leaf rubbings. The focus was on light and dark, day and night, celebrating Bonfire Night and creating firework designs. The children also had fun dressing up and dancing to music.


During our ‘Hallowe’en Capers’ day, the children enjoyed creating potions of spiders, twigs, pinecones, conkers, melon seeds and glitter. Exploring smell and touch at the sensory tray, the children filled the tray with cold sticky jelly, googly eyes and spiders! In the forest, we have been planting our daffodil bulbs for next year, in aid of Marie Curie.


The children have been counting conkers, leaves and apples. We have also been encouraging numeracy at snack, to develop knowledge of forward numeracy word sequence.

English and Literacy

At the library (Rhyme-Time) with Miss Lorna and Miss Hamilton, the children enjoyed the story ‘Stuck’ by Oliver Jeffers and George’s Marvellous Medicine.

Our favourite stories this week were Room on the Broom, The Very Busy Spider, Calm Down Boris and The Everywhere Bear.

Vertical Grouping

We continue to play and learn together across the three playrooms, sharing play experiences and promoting transition. This term we are continuing to visit Murrayfield Care Home, where we visit in small groups, sharing conversation, activities and our time. We are excited about the Coastal Learning sessions that are coming soon… this space!

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