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23 Nov 2017
Spotty Science on ‘Spotacular Day’

As part of our new afternoon nursery curriculum, our children participate in a different science activity each Friday afternoon.

Last week’s science afternoon coincided with Children in Need Day and as all the children came to nursery dressed in something spotty or dotty, we did some spotty science.

The children were each given a plate of milk to which they added spots of food colouring. Each child learned how to use a pipette, demonstrating excellent fine motor skills!

Once the children were happy with their spotty pattern, using a cotton bud, with great care and attention, they added a drop of washing up liquid to the spots of food colour. They were amazed at how the colour shot across the plate of milk, merging with the other colours and creating a wonderful marbled pattern.

Before the colours became too mixed together, the children then took a piece of circle-shaped paper and laid it on top of the milk mixture. The children pressed down gently and then lifted it up carefully to create a wonderful rainbow pattern.

They also learned a few scientific words like experiment, pipette and surface tension!

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