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24 Nov 2017
Something is Sleeping in a Cave

Bear 584wThis term the Big Owls flew into an imaginary cave to find the bear that “snores on”.

“In a cave in the woods, in his deep, dark lair, through the long, cold winter sleeps a great brown bear…”

Why are the bears sleeping through the winter? Are there any bears that stay awake?

The girls have been learning everything about hibernating bears, different types of bears and the habitats they live in. If you were a bear which one would you be?

As the weather is getting colder we decided to make an 'Arctic' corner in our room in order to experiment with ice and water. The Big Owls made their own caves using junk and painted all types of bears! Hibernation nests, playdough coats for animals and spikey hedgehogs are some of the things we loved doing this term. The girls will continue taking part in interesting bear activities and they will get to see real bears at the Edinburgh Zoo!

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