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15 Dec 2017
Our Feet - A P6 Investigation

Female Feet 584wPrimary 6s have been taking part in investigations organised by BBC Terrific Scientific. In the ‘Feet’ investigation, we were to look at how flexible our feet are, and then record what sort of terrain we play on mostly when we are not in school. The scientists at the University of Kent believe that children who play on uneven ground, like hillsides and rough tracks, have more flexible feet than those who live in cities and play on concrete and man-made surfaces.  We had to follow precise instructions about how to measure different parts of our feet.  We calculated the Arch Height index of our partner’s left foot when sitting and standing and then calculated the final flexibility by dividing the standing value by the sitting value.  The scientists think that a value of less than 0.7 means a very flexible foot and a value nearer to 1.0 means not flexible at all. 

After we had finished we put the results onto sticky notes  to look at the patterns in each class and Dr Molyneux’s maths set calculated the average flexibility of feet for each of the three classes.  Then this information was put into the interactive map.  We did not include the data from those girls whose parents who did not want their data to be included.   We learned how to calculate the mean for the class and found that P6P had a value of 0.902, P6Q 0.89 and P6X was 0.88.  We looked at the interactive map and found that some schools in rural areas had lower values than ours, but some rural schools also had values higher than ours.   We have to wait and see what the scientists at the university find out after all the schools have entered their data.

Charlotte, P6P

Pic for Feet article

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