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31 Jan 2018
Lower 4 Enjoy BBC Live Broadcast

scottish book trust bbc 250wGirls from Lower 4 enjoyed a live broadcast from the BBC and Scottish Book Trust. The live event which classes signed up for was hosted by broadcaster Janis Forsyth. It featured three authors who had to overcome barriers such as race, poverty and gender and even a prison record, to find a publisher for their work.

Scottish poet and rapper, David Hook, started off the talk with one of his raps about not accepting labels. Then, author Alex Wheatle talked about his past involvement in the Brixton riots and how he had learned to read and become an award-winning writer in prison. When he was released from prison he had to overcome the barrier of people telling him he couldn't do it because he hadn't gone to university. A young 19-year-old poet and photographer from Edinburgh, Anni Cameron spoke articulately about navigating her way through her mixed-race heritage.

"It was very interesting seeing how you can struggle and then succeed," said Alex, L4Q.

"I like to write a lot so it gave me good tips about using my own voice and there will always be someone who relates to it," said Keira, L4Q.

Tabitha also of L4Q said, "I enjoyed being part of something live and seeing all the comments on Twitter sent to #BBCAuthorsLive . It was fun being part of a wider discussion".

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