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26 Feb 2018
Visiting the Johnson Space Center

Independence Plaza Tour 640wDuring half term 21 girls from St George’s visited the Johnson Space Center, Houston, Texas, and took part in NASA’s annual STEM Sisters event.

This event is devoted to the educational study of Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics by female students. The girls took part in a 5-day engineering mission to land a rover on the surface of Mars.

Highlights included
  • Johnson Space Center Tram Tour
  • Rocketry Presentation & Build
  • Thermal Tile & Cryogenics Challenge
  • Rocket completion, VOFR & Swing Test
  • Rocket Launch & Rocket Park Tour
  • Mars Habitat Planning & Construction
  • Vex Robotics Challenge
  • Neutral Buoyancy Lab Tour
  • Scuba Dive Session
  • Tour of Independence Plaza
  • Starship Gallery Tour
  • NASA Astronaut Q & A Session
  • Starship Gallery Tour
  • Tour of Shuttle Independence Plaza
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