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29 Mar 2018
Euro Quiz 2018

On Thursday 8th March, the Euroquiz team went to the City Chambers to compete in the 2018 Euroquiz competition. This was a very interesting way to spend the afternoon. To prepare for the competition, we had to research lots of different countries in the European Union. We took a test and the 4 girls who got the highest marks were in the team. The members of the team were Kiana, Laura, Sophie and Josephine. As well as the team, we had a reserve who went to the competition to step in if someone from the team fell ill. The reserve was Aksara.

We had regular Wednesday meetings where we would share our information and we were very lucky to have two other team members from the past years who came to help. We were so excited on the day we were competing in the competition. There were lots of questions to answer and we were so happy to get 10 out of 10 in the languages section. We had Kiana who speaks German in the team and she answered all the questions and we got full marks. Overall we came 10th out of all the schools that competed. It was a challenging afternoon but we really enjoyed it. We took along George the bear from nursery as our mascot.

Laura, Aksara and Kiana


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