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10 May 2018
P5 Maths Fun Day

Maths Fun DayOn Thursday 19th April, our team of 4 went to the Maths Fun Day at Merchiston. We were all very excited to get started on the day. When we arrived, we went into the dining hall for juice and a snack before being called out to start the first task. This was a puzzle sheet that we were able to work on throughout the day. All the teams then went into the big hall where we had to complete 8 different puzzles. These were things like Rush Hour and Flow but we also had to make shapes, sort numbers and do lots of calculations.

After a delicious lunch, we worked in pairs to do a problem-solving relay. One pair got the first question and when they managed to complete it, they were able to take the next question to the other pair. It was a timed race and there were 56 questions in all! We were also given a rubix cube and a mega mix to try to solve while we were waiting for our relay questions.

At the end of the day, the teachers counted up the scores from all the different tasks. We were delighted when we came third place! We each got a prize of a magic sphere.

We had a really great day!

Deepti, Hannah, Darcey and Vittoria

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