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24 May 2018
Lower 4 Outdoor Education Trip

Camp Cumbrae 18 600wOn Monday 14 May, all of Lower 4 set off on the coach to Largs. We took a one hour bus ride to the port, before getting on the ferry to the island of Cumbrae. When we arrived, we walked along the road until we got to the water sports centre. We had lunch then split into separate groups depending on our chalets. We did our first activity in the afternoon, some of us did catamaran sailing while others did canoeing or other different activities on the water.

That evening some people went to the beach then got ice cream, but others stayed at the water sports centre to do problem solving and made s’mores on the beach. The next day we all did two activities, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. On Wednesday, half of Lower 4 went camping while the other half kept on doing water sports, then on Thursday the other half went camping. On Friday we all came back to school on the ferry and bus – it was an interesting experience. We all had so much fun and would love to go back!

By Eva and Tabitha, L4Q

On Monday, 14 May, Lower 4 all went on the bus to get the ferry to go to the island of Cumbrae. We did fun water sports such as darts, picos, windsurfing, sailing and canoeing. We all enjoyed them so much! The school arranged a very fun walk to a lovely camp site in a farmer's land in Bute. Although it was a hard and long walk with our huge backpacks, it was a very exciting and new experience for all of us. On the way to Bute on the speedboats, we saw dolphins! On the night of camping, we had a short walk and did some mindfulness on the top of a hill - it was very calming. After that, we had hot chocolate which was very nice. Overall, it was a very enjoyable, fun trip.

By Greta and Izzy, L4X

Half of Lower 4 stayed at the centre in chalets, while the other half stayed at the field house, which was a short distance away. We stayed in rooms of two with a person that the teachers selected. We found this a good opportunity to make new friends and to get to know other better. However, we did not stay in our rooms a lot as we were mostly outwith the accommodation. Everybody ate at the water sports centre and the food was delicious. We had options of a cooked breakfast, toast and cereal. For lunch and dinner, there was always a hot meal along with some type of bread and a variety of salads. Tea, coffee and hot chocolate were available, and you so you could make your own hot drink.

Isla, L4P

The girls of L4 enjoyed an outstanding week of outdoor activities.
  • "I enjoyed jumping off the catamaran and learning more about how to sail it, " said Alex, L4
  • "My biggest challenge was wind surfing but it was also the most enjoyable," Anna, L4
  • "The view from the top of the hill was amazing, " said Olivia, L4
  • "I enjoyed the Pico sailing as I was out on my own and it was really fun to be out on the water by myself," said Lucy, L4
  • "I learned how to work with other girls that I didn't know so well and now I think I will always just go and try something and not be scared," Eva, L4
  • "My biggest challenge was wind surfing because I kept falling in. I told myself to keep going and took deep breaths for a few moments then pushed myself to try again, " Greta, L4
  • "We saw friendly dolphins! Bute has a lot of unique features", Eileen, L4
  • "My biggest challenge was the hiking and I learned to pack lightly and walk to the weight of the hills. My friends also helped. They encouraged me by saying, "You can do it!" said Zoe, L4

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