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06 Sep 2018
A sleepover at Houldsworth

Boarding 600wHaving a sleepover at St George’s was a great experience. The food was delicious, the room was very comfy and the people were really nice. They have a common room, which is great. You can play board games, pool, you can read a book, play the piano and watch T.V. (they have great films). We watched a movie and got sweet and salty popcorn!

So over all having a sleepover at St George’s was awesome!

My Best Sleepover

My sleepover with Helena was amazing, it was really fun and cool. I want to thank all the house parents here because they made it the best night ever. They were really focused on what we wanted and when. They helped us put a movie on in the common room and they even made us popcorn. They really know how to make the best sleepover of your whole life. Thank you.

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