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07 Nov 2018
The Remove Social

On the 5 October, the Remove girls had a ceilidh and a bit of a disco with Merchiston. It all started at 6:30 pm and it was so much fun! First, we started off with some free style dancing and we all got to choose a song. I picked ‘Firework’ by Katy Perry. The first dance was one when you had to do what the song said, e.g., slide to the right, take two steps, clap your hands, etc - it was great. The next song, which was personally my favourite, was called ‘Baby Shark’. It’s fantastic and a great hit on YouTube!  Then we did some ceilidh dancing. The first ceilidh dance was the Gay Gordons. The next thing we did was more free style and this time the song was 'Shot Gun' by George Ezra. Then we did a dance battle - which the girls won!  

Ellie O.  Remove P

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