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21 Nov 2018
Skype Call to India

On Wednesday 14 November, P6 were involved in a Skype call to Salwan Public School in Delhi, India. When we came back from assembly everyone in P6 gathered in one classroom and we connected with the school in India. First Dr Molyneux introduced our school. Then Deepti stood up to introduce our space poems. Once all the space poems had been read out, the children in India then asked us some questions about life in Britain. Next, we asked questions about social, natural and economic themes relating to India.

After we had asked our questions the school in India read out some self-composed poems which were absolutely amazing to listen to. We got to meet the teachers from the school and they let us see their colourful clothing. Finally, we said goodbye after an hour of discussion. Now we know what Indian money looks like, what they like to eat and that they go home for lunch, but the most interesting fact was that they have tigers roaming around in the wild. We found the Skype call to be very insightful and we have taken lots of new knowledge about India away with us.

Reene & Thea, P6Q


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