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10 Dec 2018
Computational Thinking Competition

Congratulations to all the girls in Primary 5, Primary 6, Remove and the GCSE and Higher girls taking Computing who took part in the Computational Thinking competition  -  The Bebras Computing Challenge introduces computational thinking to students.  It is organised in over 40 countries and designed to get students all over the world excited about computing.

153 St George's students took part with 2 girls achieving a score that was within the top 10% of all the scores. This year 201,911 students took part world wide.  

  • Abbey in L5 was in the top 10% of 19,542 pupils 
  • Hannah in P6 was in the top 10% of 59,804 pupils 

Abbey and Hannah are invited to take part in the competition organised by Oxford University, which will happen in March (only open to those who are in the top 10% of the Bebras competition). 


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