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12 Dec 2018
Our Trip to the Museum

P5 Museum trip banner 600wOn Wednesday 28 November, all of the P5 classes went on a trip to the National Museum of Scotland. We went there to look at the Scottish Wildlife exhibitions because in class we are making nature documentaries about Scottish endangered animals. Our class animal is the Scottish Wildcat, so we were so excited to see the wildcat exhibition. When we got there, we were given a quiz which had lots of different questions about animals’ habitats, what they eat and how they may have threats to their survival. We answered as many questions as we could as we walked through the three floors of wildlife exhibitions. It took us three floors to spot the Scottish Wildcat – we were so happy when we found it!

Some classes did some filming for their documentary in different areas of the museum. Later on, we went to a different floor which looked like a forest in Scotland, and it had lots of different Scottish animals in it. Some were extinct, like the wild pig. We got to feel a badger’s skull, a lynx’s face, a wolf and red squirrel’s fur. This was really fun but we were sure to wash our hands afterwards!

Going to the museum was really helpful for our topic as we learned things we didn’t know about the Scottish Wildcat and other endangered animals in Scotland. It was an amazing trip!!

Sophie and Francesca

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