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11 Dec 2018
Big Owls Welcome Visitors

In Big Owls, we love inviting people into our classroom to read stories and help us learn new things! As a continuation of our Book Week learning experiences, Rose’s mummy was invited to read the ‘Superworm’ story by Julia Donaldson. The girls enjoyed listening to her reading their favourite parts of the story and at the end they all got a colourful ‘superworm’ as a gift. Those worms wriggled in our pockets, under our shoes and in our hair!

We put our dancing legs on for Alice’s granny, who happily visited our classroom to teach us Scottish country dancing for St Andrew’s Day. The Big Owls danced and skipped, clapped and cheered and learnt new dance moves! But the visits weren’t over yet; Hannah’s mummy was our last visitor who kindly came in to speak to the girls about St Nicholas and all his kind deeds. We took a look at pictures of Saint Nicholas and chatted about the importance of being kind and helping people in need!

A big thank you to all of you for passing on your knowledge in a playful way and encouraging us to work together!

SuperWorm 584w

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