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16 Jan 2019
The Big Owls are looking for birds!

BGBW RSPB 600wThe Big Garden Birdwatch is almost here and the Big Owls are Birdwatch ready! They have been really excited at spotting birds in the trees and listening to them chirping. On our outdoor day the girls had the chance to use their own lists of garden birds to look at and tick off the ones they have seen. During our snack we talked about different ways to identify birds and all the things they like to eat. As well as different colours, birds have different shapes, different beaks, different habits and different voices. In Big Owls we started identifying some of our regular garden visitors. We spotted lots of brave Robins that chirped next to us even though we were hammering loudly. Some Magpies sang their song on the school’s rooftop and little Sparrows hopped quickly from one branch to the next in the forest.

What other birds are out there Big Owls? How are we going to bring more birds in our garden? Making our gardens inviting for our little friends is our next big target. Get ready for the Big Garden Birdwatch 2019 and join the fun!
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