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27 Feb 2019
Primary 4 Learn about WWII

On 4 February, Primary 4 enjoyed a visit from Captain Mainwaring from Homefront Histories. Captain Mainwaring had prepared a wonderful range of activities and brought a vast collection of WWII artefacts for the girls who had dressed up as very authentic-looking evacuees.  Each girl wore an identity tag and everyone enjoyed having a portrait photograph taken by Mr Fleming.  The day was spent in the Futures Room until everyone took part outside, on the field, in intensive fire training on how to extinguish incendiary bombs: all hands to the pump!

 Here are a few comments from the girls on this exciting day:

  • I especially like wearing an army jacket and looking at some of the guns.
  • It was great fun going round the six activity stations.
  • Dressing up as evacuees was very special.
  • Making nametags and identity cards was great.
  • I loved looking at the foods on ration and all the WWII food tins.
  • When the siren sounded we had to run to the air raid shelter,
  • I liked looking at the old money from WWII.
  • Defusing a bomb was great fun.
  • Pumping the water and hosing the water was great fun.
  • I enjoyed learning about the different weapons that were used.
  • I really enjoyed learning about the rationing.
  • I enjoyed looking at and exploring the British and German artefacts.
  • Putting out the fire was great fun, as was making our identity cards.
  • Putting on the different gas masks was lots of fun.
  • Trying on the different outfits was good fun.
  • Playing with the real gas rattle alert was very noisy!

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