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03 Apr 2019
Big Owls Love Taking Part in ‘Loose Parts’ Play

‘Loose parts’ are materials that can be moved, carried, combined, taken apart and put back together in multiple ways. Having 'loose parts' available to play with allows children to use more creativity and imagination, thus developing more skill and competence than they would when playing with most modern plastic toys.

The preschool girls enjoy playing with our collection of outdoor loose parts when they visit the Primary 1 playground. A couple of chairs, strips of fabric, some wooden spoons and pots make the magic happen! If you are looking to have a bowl of hot soup to keep you warm at winter time, you can visit the Big Owls who prepared a muddy carrot soup this morning!

Are you looking to create your very own trap to catch any ‘baddies’? Then please speak to the Big Owls as they will create the perfect trap for you using only a chair, a cone, ropes and soil (for the fire)!

‘Loose parts’ theory is about remembering that the best play comes from things that allow children to develop their own ideas and explore their world in creative ways.

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