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03 Apr 2019
Lower 4 Ceilidh at Merchiston

On Friday 15 March, the Lower 4 girls were welcomed to a ceilidh by Merchiston. The ceilidh was a convivial event and the time went by so quickly that it was nine before we all knew it. We did ceilidh dancing, ate dinner, watched people performing and ceilidh danced again.

When everyone was arriving at Merchiston the doors were wide open to greet us, so we went in and dropped our coats off. It wasn’t long after when the dancing began. We got into partners and a band played great music for us all to dance to. We did many dances including the Gay Gordons and the Virginia Reel. After many dances it was time to have dinner.

For dinner we had pulled pork in a burger with corn on a cob. We all went and sat at different tables with the boys, chatted and ate our dinner. When we had finished all our food, we were handed out some dark chocolate ice-cream. It tasted great!  We were lucky to watch and listen to some great entertainment. First, a boy played an amazing piece on the piano and then second Imogen sang an incredible song. After the entertainment was over each table was dismissed and we went to do more dancing.

Our final dance was Strip the Willow which was so much fun. Half of us went on one side of the room, the other half went to the other side. Starting with the top people we all skipped down to the bottom of the hall and continued the line.

So, we thanked Merchiston for organizing the ceilidh for us and they thanked us for coming. After the great time we had, we all went home exhausted but happy. It was so much fun, and we can't wait to have another ceilidh again.

Isobel L4P


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