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16 May 2019
The Remove Lunchtime Challenge

The Lunchtime Challenge was a hard task for everyone competing. We all arrived at 9:30am so we had half an hour to set up.  At 10:00am we started to cook. Some people started with making their pudding whilst others started with their main or salad. We all had a great morning, but it was very competitive. Everyone managed to complete their lunch in the two hours. To judge the competition there was Chef James and Wendy Barrie.

The Lunchtime Challenge wasn’t just about how your meal looked or tasted; it was also about how you worked. We were told to keep a clean surface which everyone did. By the end of the two hours we were all exhausted. We all took our food to the music room where we placed it on the buffet table. Once our food was on the table, we met our parents and sat down to enjoy all the competitors' food. By the end all the food was almost gone! Everyone was given a certificate, three recipe books, two which were made by Wendy Barrie herself, and everyone got a photograph with Chef James and Wendy Barrie.

Everyone did extremely well and the judges said it was a very tough decision to make. Everyone agreed that it was lots of fun and we would like to thank all of the staff and helpers for making this event happen.

By Anna and Tabitha

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