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15 May 2019
Mocktail Making

On Friday we had a fun-filled evening making mocktails; we had the choice of white Russian, mojitos and margaritas! We had lots and lots of ingredients to play with and even had a professional cocktail shaker. We also had two coconuts which I managed to crack open and enjoyed nibbling on them while we made our drinks. We started off with a white Russian using milk, coffee, cocoa powder, ice cubes, spices and honey then we put it through a food processor until it was all combined. I personally found it too chocolatey and would add more coffee next time, however it would be great for someone with a sweet tooth - my friend liked that one the most!

The next drink was a mojito which was my favourite by far as it was really refreshing and tangy. It was made with lemonade, mint, lime, apple juice, sugar and ice cubes. Unfortunately, I accidentally added salt to my drink rather than sugar the first time I made it which changed the taste quite drastically…

It was great fun, it helped us to relax during our study leave and was a nice refreshment which I would love to try again!

(L6 Boarder)

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